Buy fake Dollar bills

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Buy the best quality fake dollar bills and other currencies with us at the best prices, we guarantee 100% that the bills are undetectable by human eyes, and it passes 99% of all test. with us, you can get fake money that looks real.

our bills are printed on cotton paper one side a little glossy, with a hologram of real like bills, the same size 14×7,7cm and scratch zone.

You can,

Buy 100$ duplicated money with us, buy 50 dollar counterfeit bills and 20 dollar fake bills

Red and Blue fibers
75 % cotton 25% linen, same as real currency

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Correct Seals Check, serial number Check!
Holograms and Holographic Strips,
Micro-Lettering, Metallic Ink and Thread,
Watermarks, IR Detection, Passes pen test,
Ultra-violet features,
Different serial numbers,

These features make our bills to be 99.9% undetected,100% safe to use in areas like Casino, Atm, Banks, and Stores



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