Genuine Counterfeit Docs. Is the unique producer of authentic and original passports. We handle all your administrative procedures as we have a partnership with most countries in the World and hence, with the government authorities. You can buy a passport online with us.

Your passport is made and produced by the official Government authorities in the issuing country of the produced passport and will be registered on the database system and can be verified. True Paper Docs provide a fast, less expensive and an efficient service.

which will enable you to catch up with time and expenses. You Shall be able to use our passports to travel everywhere you are eligible to go to and also you will be able to seek for jobs and apply for visas into any embassy.

We work with a team of professional lawyers that facilitate the procedure of obtention of your passports, with the required information, they are able to contact the right administrative authorities and help issue your passport in due time.

At True Paper Docs. Our passports are original passports with the same security features such as; holograms, barcodes, security strip, watermark, microprint, pen test, UV TEST.

Having a passport with us is safe and secure, our services are authorized by the governments we work with. We also provide diplomatic passports, Blue passports and Bio-metric passports for clients in need of these type of passports.

Generally, to make your passport will take 7-14 days and you shall be in constant communication with us during this period. A service assistant shall guide you throughout the process and will tell you how to provide all the requirements and to complete the modalities. buy your passport online now.

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